Jennifer Wegryn, Akron

Holistic Health Coach | Certified Raw & Living Foods Chef & Instructor

COACHING:  I firmly believe the best way to safeguard your health is through an optimal diet and healthy lifestyle. As a Certified Health Coach, I counsel clients on their path to optimal wellness! For more information on the benefits of Health Coaching visit MY COACHING PAGE.

What do clients say about health coaching with me?

“My change was coming, but without your knowledge and mentoring I would never have been able to think (or find my way) outside the box.”

“I never felt better in my whole life. Thank you so much!”

“I am so exited to be one of your success stories!”

CLASSES:  In my Raw & Living Foods classes, I teach the basics of preparing raw foods, as well as more complicated sprouting and dehydrating techniques. Be sure to check the EVENTS page and join my mailing list for class notifications.

“You are knowledgable and inspiring! Your passion for raw foods shows in everything you do!”

“I don’t really like vegetables, but I loved everything you “cooked”!

PRODUCTS:  I’m often asked what vitamins I take and which products I use, in addition to eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. Below is my favorite brand of high quality vitamins and dietary supplements.

Orenda International

Are you taking so many pills and powders you fear you might get arrested or frisked? If you looking for a simple, focused, premium supplement program that is easy to follow and effective, the Orenda Ultimate Pack is designed to support synergistic, full-body wellness and help you thrive as nature intended! Orenda is excellent for balancing hormones, boosting immunity, strengthening the digestive system, and increasing energy levels.

Clean, Burn and Shape

If minor weight loss is your goal, the 10-Day Clean, Burn, and Shape Program are all food-based supplements that will have you seeing and feeling results quickly. If you have more than 10 pounds to shed, the 30-Day Cycle is a program to help you reach long term health goals and lifestyle changes. When you work with us at Food2Live4, you get suggested meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and personal coaching to ensure your success!