You have to crawl before you can run!

It’s been a busy spring, and now I’m looking forward to enjoying some time in the sun and in the water! I promised to update you on my half marathon attempt, and I apologize for leaving you hanging.
Nashville Marathon: The day of the race dawned cold and rainy. Yep, it was 50 degrees in Nashville at the end of April, and drizzling steadily. My sister and I had diligently sprayed our running shoes with water protector, and donned our clear plastic rain ponchos. Stylish!

Have you ever run 13.1 miles in a trash bag?! I must say, things weren’t shaping up as I had envisioned them. The rain picked up into a steady downpour and I had to laugh at our attempts to “waterproof” our shoes. What kept me in good spirits was all of your well wishes, and the spectators lining the streets to cheer us on. Amazing and awesome people to come out on such a nasty day and root for us! American flags were in no short supply, and I even ran by the curb a couple of times so I could get “high fives” from the crowd.


I met my goal of running the entire 13.1 miles. I did have some pretty severe hip flexor pain the last three miles or so, but I was determined to finish that race running! Turns out, I finished it smiling, too.

I learned a few things about training and core strength, along with how a marathon works. I also discovered that the joy of accomplishing a goal I wasn’t sure I could reach, is a really great feeling! As it turns out, the phenomenon know as runner’s high is definitely addicting, and I registered for the Akron half marathon in September. So, honk if you see me out running this summer, and thank you all for your well wishes and support!

Peace & Raw,

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