5 Reasons to Eat More Raw Food!

5 benefits of eating raw foods:

High in fiber
Vegetables, fruits, seeds, and beans are fiber rich foods and are associated with a number of health benefits including: weight control, cardiovascular health, disease fighting phytochemicals, and digestive health among many more.
Weight loss
Raw foods are low in calories, so incorporating more raw foods in your diet can help aid weight loss and help detoxify our bodies. However, our caloric needs may not be met through fruits and vegetables alone. To make sure you’re maintaining a healthy weight on a raw foods diet, it’s important to consume plenty of  nuts, seeds, and avocado.
Vitamins and minerals
Certain vitamins in foods such as vitamin C and folate are destroyed by heat. Research shows that cooking foods like broccoli destroys its cancer fighting properties. And the advice that cooking tomatoes allows the body to more readily absorb lycopen? You can blend tomatoes for the same effect!
Cooling and hydrating—
Raw foods contain a high water content which helps cool down your body and keep you hydrated. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumbers, pears, and leafy greens to stay energized during the summer months.
Increased energy
Since they are closer to their alive and natural states, raw foods can provide us with a higher quality of energy so we are ready to take on the day. And because of the high fiber content, eating raw veggies, nuts, seeds, and unprocessed,whole grains keeps your blood sugar and energy levels even throughout the day. No sugar spikes & crashes!

Raw foodists believe that heat destroys enzymes that are vital to our health, as well denatures other essential vitamins and minerals. The more raw foods in our diet, the healthier we will be. Raw food doesn’t mean just boring salads! The possibilities are endless, and the techniques simple to master. Food2Live4 can teach you how to start your journey to better health through healthy eating. Visit our Classes & Events Page for upcoming class info!

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