Hungry for Change, the movie

I watched the latest documentary from the Food Matters people, online, while it was premiering for free.  The movie does an excellent job of summarizing information and opinions from various disciplines/approaches to eating a healthy diet, and focuses on the one component on which nearly all the experts interviewed agree:  processed food is very bad for you and long term use will make you sick.  A good portion of the film focuses on all the foods we shouldn’t be eating: refined sugars, refined grains, and chemical laden packaged foods.  In standard documentary form, the argument against processed foods is made through a series of interviews with well know experts and authors in nutrition.  The case is made that the food industry knows these foods are harmful and intentionally makes them as addicting as possible, and if you are struggling with your weight and food cravings, it may not be your fault.  The film is no longer available for free online, but can be ordered on the Hungry For Change website.



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