Food2Live4 was born from the wish to share what I have learned about leading a balanced and healthy life and adopting a primarily plant based, whole food diet. There is a growing consensus that our bodies have the ability to fight disease and stay beautifully balanced, if we eat the foods nature has provided. I hope to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their highest health potential by getting back in the kitchen and getting in touch with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. As a Certified Raw Food Educator, I focus on eating food that is healthy and “alive” and occasionally enjoy “naughty” foods without feeling guilty. As a Holistic Health Coach, I believe in bio-individuality and the uniqueness of each person – there’s no one diet or straight path to optimal health.

Use this website to gain access to the latest plant-based diet information, recipes, and how-to tips. You can also reserve your spot at upcoming Raw & Living Food Preparation Classes. Learn about making raw food, from the basics to sprouting and dehydrating and check out the blog for recipes and to read about daily challenges.

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